Transport of civil aircraft and their components

Return in flight. The airplane Antonov AN-2 flew for the first time in August 1947 and was the first plane designed by the Antonov office. It holds the Guinness record for the longest fabrication time of an aircraft 1947-1992. Considered the largest biplane in service that exist, Antonov AN-2 is used especially as a commercial / agricultural aircraft because of the low speed and low heights it can fly. This type of airplane can also be available for parachutists or it can be used for passenger transport, having a capacity of 12 people.

At the Regional Air Service, the registered aircraft YR-APD is used for avio-chemical flights to treat the crops against parasites or for the spreading of fertilizers.

Regional Air Services & Logitrans Romania

''For uniqueness and for more familiarity, the design of the airplane that goes on specific crop treatment missions was personalized by drawing a picture of a puppy that we all liked so much and we called it Gogu''.

Serban Calinoiu- Technical Department Engineer

In 2016, in response to the transport request of our client Regional Air Services, who administrates Tuzla International Airport, Logitrans organized the transport of an Antonov AN-2 aircraft in Hungary for repair and maintenance. Our logistics consultants have found an optimal aircraft transport solution by dividing it in two stages: the aircraft body (due

its over sized dimensions) was transported with an open trailer, and separated the wings and the other aircraft components were loaded onto a tarpaulin trailer. Using the experience and knowledge we have gained over the time, we have supported Regional Air Services's projects over the years of our collaboration, organizing several aircraft transports from Tuzla Airport to various destinations all over Europe, where these aircraft were taken for maintenance . After the maintenance operations were completed, the aircraft had to be returned to Tuzla Airport, either on flight or through road transports organized by our company. We managed successfully every time to bring the aircraft back home to our client, and that was the biggest reward for Logitrans.