For 13 years, LOGITRANS Romania has been operating in the freight logistics sector, having its headquarters in Piatra Neamt , the city where the company's team has been created and our value system, based on strong partnerships and quality performance, has been developed.

The development of our business over time imposed the need to expand our operational offices across the country and relocate our people to develop our company nationwide.

An important pole of Logitrans Romania is our office in Sibiu. Opened to support the relocation of our people, who wanted to grow professionally and personally, and as well to be closer to our partners in that area, the office in Sibiu concentrates Logitrans Romania's economic and financial analysis management.

In 2015, as an extension of Piatra Neamt headquarters, we opened our office in Bacau, a location that soon proved to bring added value to both the sales department and the operational one, through the opportunities created in the company and as well in the local business environment.

The national expansion continued with the opening of a new strategic office, in Bucharest, a location that brought to Logitrans the necessary specialists to support the development of the IT and legal departments.

Continuing the need for expansion, understanding the importance of the area of Moldova in the development of our business, we opened a new operational office starting with July 2018 in Iasi - the economic and financial capital of Moldova. We relocated there a team of professionals in freight logistics, eager to be as close as possible to our Moldovan clients situated on both sides of the Prut, to develop together great business and to put the North-East area of the country back on the map of the important business areas in Romania.

Together with our partners we try through our daily activity to develop the Romanian business environment and to improve our perception of Romanian potential, promoting through our business the good and the beautiful things that can be done in Romania.

Contact our people and see how we can support the development of your projects through our logistics and transport services.

We are a solid and homogeneous team, our people are speakers of most of the foreign languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian), prepared at any time to offer complex logistics solutions to our clients and quality transportation services to any destination in the world.


B-dul. General Dascalescu, nr. 209, etaj. 1, Piatra Neamt, Romania

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Piata Montreal 10, sector 1,Clădirea World Trade Center, Intrarea F, etaj 1, birou 1.28, Bucuresti,Romania

Tel: (+4) 0755 105 708

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Strada Sibiului, nr. 2, Business Center Sibiu, et 4, Selimbar, Sibiu, Romania

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Str. Petre Andrei, nr. 31, Exclusive Residence, cladirea A1

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B-dul Unirii, nr. 30,cladirea 30 Avenue Business Center,Bacau, Romania

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